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Kauai Calling:

Retreat to Rediscover Your Aloha
Sept 16-22, 2018

You Are Invited to Reconnect to Yourself

Schedule a 'YES I AM CALLED' conversation to share your passions and visions in a short conversation with Justin or Alex so that you can see for yourself if Kauai Calling is the right retreat to reconnect you to yourself now.  

Dear Friends and Guests,

For Hawaiians, Aloha is a way of life, something far more than a salutation. It is a state of being;

Aloha is Love, Compassion, and Peace.

For many of us, our fast-moving world is increasingly difficult to navigate. With new distractions created every day, a life of love, compassion, and peace grows ever more challenging. It’s difficult to stay aware of our own values, stay centered and live an embodied life.

Living life with the spirit of Aloha feels further out of reach.

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The Evolved Traveler invites you join us in Kauai this September to imagine the possibilities of living in true, personified Aloha. With us, you will be co-creators of your own retreat to ensure a personal journey to re-discover your Aloha — the spirit of Hawaii within us all.

We believe to rediscover that spirit, we must disconnect from the clamors of life and reconnect with ourselves. Each day we will use and build upon traditional Hawaiian themes meant to tap into the profound energy of Kauai and progressively restore our “PONO,” - our balance and feelings of contentment with all that is right and good.

Justin Smith

Founder and President

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Who Kauai Calling is for:

  • You want to connect more deeply with your inner Aloha and embody love, peace and openness
  • You've been thinking about Kauai or Hawaii for months or years
  • There is something *next* you need to explore in your life
  • You believe travel should transform you and benefit the location
  • You want to disconnect from the grind and escape into luxury
  • You've been thinking about a yoga and meditation retreat but want even more
  • You're ready to make a difference and live with more presence

Not for you if...

  • Not for you if you want ordinary travel; this is a transformational retreat with four facilitators to support you.
  • Not for you if Hawaii is just another tourist destination. It's a nourishing, unique location that will change you if you let it.
  • Not for you if you want template yoga or meditation, because here it will be customized to your growth and inner connection.
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Wellness for you

Wellness for the community

Wellness for our planet




In line with our core values of sustainable tourism and building a sense of global community, our “Kauai Calling” retreat will not only benefit the wellness of our guests but also the planet and local community:

  • $50 per guest to carbon neutralize our journey.
  • $60 per guest will be donated to local school arts programs.
  • $60 per guest will be donated to local Waipa Foundation.
  • $180 per guest will be allocated to: Nothing But Nets.org; Water.org; National Military Family Association, and No More Tears




How Your Trip Helps The Community

Welcome to Kauai!
Day 1 - September 16

We begin our adventure by connecting to the charged energy of this truly enchanted island upon arrival in Lihue, Kauai. Imagine the feeling or soaring in via helicopter!

Some of Kauai's most awe-inspiring sights are inaccessible from the ground and can only be seen by soaring above. So that is exactly what we will do – soar; we will literally and figuratively get our feet off the ground to instantly remember how much more we see with a broader perspective!

Transferring a short distance from the airport to board a helicopter, we will take to the air, to soar above it all on our spectacular welcome tour to view all the epic beauty of Kauai, and to immediately begin feeling the transformed perspective we have come for - the spirit of wonder, excitement, joy and peace – the spirit of Aloha!

Sculpted by nature for six million years, the Na Pali Coast is the epitome of Kauai’s exquisite palette of nature – 14 miles of sea cliffs ascending 3,000 feet above feral shoreline, with sheer-walled valleys and cascading waterfalls—and sensational Waimea Canyon, the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” This incredible journey ends at our hotel, the St. Regis Princeville, where we will receive a traditional lei greeting accompanied by a champagne toast, but indeed, it is just the beginning of our real journey on Kauai to rediscover our Aloha.

Settle into your spacious ocean view room and take some time to relax and begin to soak in the beauty and energy of, “The Garden Island.” This evening we join our retreat mates and Evolved staff for our first meditation to set some intentions as we begin the retreat:

Ha’aha’a, the value of humility and opening your thoughts; Ho’ohanohano, honoring the dignity of others and cultivating respect; and, Lōkahi, the value of teamwork, collaboration, and harmony, the principle that people who work together can achieve more.

Finally, we’ll gather together and spend time getting acquainted with one another at our welcome reception.

Day 2 - September 17

Today's intentions are Nānā i ke kumu, looking to our sense of place and source of spirit to find our truth, and Ike loa, to seek knowledge and wisdom with the understanding we are here to grow. This morning’s yoga and meditation sessions begin our first full day together with these simple and powerful themes. They  will be building blocks for our progression towards the spirit of Aloha during the week.

After breakfast and our morning sessions, we will have a short break before heading out to start our Kauai exploration beginning with a, “Trek and Tai Chi” excursion.

The “trek” will be on the Wai Koa Loop Trail, a relaxed 4.5-mile hiking trail where we will pass through the Kilauea Forest and then to the largest mahogany plantation in North America! Enjoy impressive views of the Namahana Mountains before we reach the historic Stone Dam. Built in the 1880’s to support the Kilauea Sugarcane Plantation, it is a great place for our Tai Chi class and a picnic lunch - and a fun swim too!

We will also take a moment to honor a Hawaiian proverb by each planting a small tree or flowers along our way.

The proverb is, “E hele me ka pu’ol - Always take an offering with you. Make every person, place or condition better than you left it – Always!

Paddleboarding (1)

We return to the hotel mid-afternoon where you will have the choice of a surfing or paddleboard lesson, or, if you prefer, something even more leisurely. Your spa or body therapy appointment will already booked for you.

This evening we’ll gather for a sunset meditation with musical slack-key and ukulele accompaniment provided by local musicians, Doug and Sandy McMasters.

Dinner will be on your own this evening.

Meals Included: B, L

Day 3 - September 18

The day begins with our yoga session and a brief meditation to set our intention which is, Imi ola, to remember our purpose in life is to seek our highest purpose, our value and our mission.

What better place to delve deeper into our intention than the Hindu Himalayan Sanctuary and Academy. The sanctuary, set in one of Kauai’s most stunning backdrops of rainforests and waterfalls, is a center for global outreach for Hinduism and spiritual practice.

We’ll visit the Kadavul Temple to receiving the blessings of Siva, Ganesha and Karttikeya, and enjoy a special visit to the monastery's crown jewel, the hand-carved granite Iravian Temple as well as having time for personal reflection and enjoying nature’s awe-inspiring canvas.

Lunch today will be at the beautiful oceanfront, farm-to-table restaurant, Oasis on the Beach.

Kauai Hindu Temple (1)

This afternoon is “Trek or Time Out.” If you choose to “trek” today we will traverse the moderate 4.5-mile Kuilau Ridge Trail. This picturesque trail is a genuine glimpse into all the beautiful aspects of nature Kauai has to offer with lush foliage and picturesque valley, mountain and costal views.

If you prefer “time out,” enjoy the afternoon at leisure or a spa or body therapy appointment.

Dinner is included this evening at your leisure at the Kauai Grill at the St. Regis (reservations required).

Meals Included: B, L, D

Day 4 - September 19

Our morning yoga and meditation sessions will set today’s simple, but vital, life intentions of le’ale’a, fun, and ho’omaha, relaxation.

The remainder of the morning is at leisure, so we can enjoy some ho’omaha before heading to nearby Hanalei early this afternoon. Independent exploration and shopping in the town’s unique and charming boutiques provide a pleasant diversion. Lunch is included today anywhere in Hanalei you choose.

This afternoon it’s time for, “Nature and Nurture.” We will depart Hanalei for the Limahuli Garden and Preserve, beautifully set in a lush tropical valley with a backdrop of the grand Makana Mountain and views stretching out to the Pacific Ocean. In Hawaiian, the name Limahuli means “turning hands,” which refers to the ancient islanders who built agricultural terraces out of lava rock and planted Taro, an important cultural food crop still to this day. Given the local and historic name of “turning hands,” the gardens are the perfect place for a brief meditation tapping into the palpable energy of the island felt at the Gardens.

Now it’s time for a beach break and some real le’ale’a! Just a short distance from Limahuli is one of the North Shore’s most beautiful beaches, The Point. Here, we will have the remainder of the afternoon to swim, snorkel and enjoy our ho’omaha. Later, we’ll bask in the colors of a sunset meditation before we start the fire for a fun beach BBQ!

Meals Included: B, L, D

Day 5 - September 20

This morning, we will delve deeper into Lōkahi, which is not only the value and spirit of team work and collaboration, but our essential connectedness to all things, all life. Hawaiian lore and religion believe that all objects and things, including the ocean and waves, the sky, and animals all have spirits, a perspective shared by Eastern philosophies as well. We will use this premise today for our mediation and yoga sessions at one of the most beautiful beaches on Kauai, Secrets Beach, a renowned spot for dolphins swimming early in the morning.

The remainder of the morning will be at leisure to spend on this spectacular Kauai beach or return to the hotel for a spa or body therapy session and some ho’omaha.

This afternoon we will travel towards Lihue for lunch at Gaylord’s, Kauai’s premier farm-to-table restaurant.

Ziplining (1)

Following lunch, it's time for some adventure or, in Hawaiian, hoike ia. It’s your choice of adventure with either “Rivers or Ripping!”

Those who choose “rivers,” will take a kayak out to paddle leisurely through the rainforest river; pull your kayak ashore for a short hike and time at the waterfalls

Those who prefer “ripping” will have time to take to the sky for an exciting afternoon of ziplining across the treetops! This thrilling course includes seven zipline runs and four canopy sky bridges 60’ to 85’ above the forest floor.

Return to the hotel late this afternoon and have the evening at leisure.

Meals Included: B, L

Day 6 - September 21

This morning we will begin our final yoga and meditation session before heading out for some fun and authentic fulfilling community engagement time in our “Evolved Experience.” Our intention for the day, and our Evolved Experience, is simple and profound, kākou, we are all in this together.

Evolved Experiences are a core and unique component to all our journeys that allows our guests the opportunity to make a lasting impression on the communities they visit, extend their hand in a gesture of global community, and create memories that can be cherished for a lifetime, not only for themselves but for those they meet.

We will begin at the Waipa Foundation, a place where guests connect with the aina, – that which feeds us, the land. Here, we will engage in the process of making poi which will be distributed to families along Kauai’s North Shore to keep this Hawaiian staple affordable and available. Our community activity is called, "laulima,” which in Hawaiian means “many hands working together.” This is the true essence of an Evolved Experience!

Our Evolved Experience continues with another Hawaiian tradition, the ukulele! We will join a group of children from the Kauai Boys & Girls Club who will teach us to play a song on the ukulele. And yes, we will be required to perform a concert once we’ve learned our song!

Donations will be made at the time of our visit on our guest's behalf to benefit each of the foundations.

Our afternoon is at leisure for opportunities to relax or enjoy a final spa or body therapy session.

Pahia (1)

We’ll gather once more late this afternoon for some final reflection and meditation. Tonight, will be quite special however in that we will be joined by Kahuna “Happy” Pahia, one of the “13 Grandmothers.”
Pahia will give us all a farewell blessing as well as discussing her role as one of the “13 Grandmothers” and the history and lore of the South Pacific she represents. Then, it’s time to let loose for our farewell reception and luau!

Meals Included: B, D

Day 7 - September 22

Our time together may have come to an end but our renewed and refreshed sense of being and memories will continue for a long time to come!

A Hawaiian proverb reads, “Mohala i ka wai ka maka o ka pua,” – “Unfolded by the water are the faces of the flowers.”

And so it is with us; we disconnected from the things that inhibited our Aloha and allowed ourselves to unfold again. We give and receive mahalo for the experiences Kauai has charmed us with. We end our time together; our ending is the beginning of us living with the true spirit of Aloha once again.

We will transfer to the Lihue airport for our flights home on this final morning together.

St Regis Hotel, Princeville

The St. Regis Princeville, located on Kauai’s North Shore marks the legendary brand’s first resort in Hawaii and introduces an unsurpassed level of luxury to one of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

Ocean View Rooms

St. Regis Ocean View (1)

Ocean View rooms, at a spacious, 547 square feet, are elegantly appointed with scenic views of the Pacific Ocean and lush tropical gardens. Each room features a contemporary Hawaiian décor with modern refinements. Rooms feature either one king or two queen beds adorned with embroidered bed linens, relaxed sitting area with contemporary furnishings and a sumptuous marble bathroom with double vanity and oversized bathtub with shower combination. Rooms include a unique transparent glass reveal electronically controlled for views or privacy.

Your Facilitators

Justin Smith

Justin Smith The founder and president of The Evolved Traveler, Justin Smith is a 30-year veteran of the travel and cruise industries. Having traveled to over 100 countries, he possesses extensive international knowledge and a high level of expertise in itinerary and tour development. Justin continually strives to bring new and rewarding experiences to his guests worldwide.

Believing that travel could “evolve” into something even more rewarding and inspiring—not only to the travelers themselves but also to the people they encounter and countries they visit on their journeys—Justin decided to create The Evolved Traveler. This unique approach to travel encompasses all the aspects of international luxury journeys and combines them with the elements of global community and engagement. His philosophy is simple: “We don’t have to give anything up; we simply have to give.”

Edward Dalmas

Edward Dalmas is a meditation guide, advisor, and storyteller based in Los Angeles. He discovered meditation during Jungian group therapy and developed a practice devoted to authentic, embodied living with a blend of secular mindfulness and eastern tantra traditions. Edward has degrees in History and Philosophy, quit law school and began facilitating meditation only after completing 400-hours of certification. He is certified in the Bihar School of Yoga Nidra and in Reiki, and continues formal training with the Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) program at UCLA.

Samantha Feinerman

Samantha (Sam) is an E-RYT 500 full-time yoga instructor based in Los Angeles with an academic background in Behavioral Science, and 5+ years of studentship and eight years in the yoga practice. Samantha is also an adventurer at heart, and when she isn’t teaching or on her yoga mat, she travels often, rock climbs, backpacks, and enjoys good company, music, and good food + drink! She has practiced and taught different styles of yoga and has been dedicated to teaching. The practice of yoga has inspired her life-long relationship with travel and many passions. Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 (Anusara Yoga)

Alex Iglecia

Former NASA Engineer and Ninja-Yogi turned Body-Mind Facilitator with a Masters in Conscious Evolution, Alex has two black belts and helps people find the freedom to be their full self, to come alive, and awaken with absolute clarity. He creates effective tools for leaders and their teams and tribes to have more energy, embody their message, align together and more forward with flow.

Alex has facilitated audiences large and small, corporate groups and non-profits, spoken to inspire, motivate and teach, and has shared the stage with visionary leaders including Brendon Buchard, Marcia Wieder, Amy Ahlers, Tim Kelley and SARK.

Ultimately, all of Alex’s work is about reminding you about the power and value of your gifts: you are the gift you’ve been looking for, and together we can create a tomorrow we know is possible where we feel safe to be ourselves and live free from the unconscious traps that bury our energy, our purpose, our inspiration and our contribution. 

Deepen your Presence in 5 Minutes with Edward:

Kauai Calling Retreat:

$5995 per person, based on double occupancy


$7995 per person, based on single occupancy

What you Get Included in your Evolved Retreat:

  • 6 nights at the St. Regis Princeville with luxurious ocean view rooms so you can have space to recharge and rejuvenate
  • Daily meditation and customized yoga to awaken key themes for your transformation
  • All wellness/fitness excursions and activities tailored to your perfect week
  • Helicopter tour/transfer from Lihue airport to the St. Regis Princeville to experience true soaring in to Aloha on your arrival day* (Arrival day is Sept 16, conditions apply)
  • Breakfast daily, four lunches, and four dinners
  • $200 per person spa credit at the St. Regis spa with a 10% discount on the exact spa treatments best suited for you
  • Daily transportation in luxury SUV’s
  • Bottled water, juice and healthy snacks on all tours to make sure you're energy is well cared for
  • All gratuities to retreat, hotel and excursion staff so you don't have to worry about a thing
  • Transfer to Lihue airport on Day 7 is arranged for your comfort
  • All applicable taxes

Not Included:

  • Flights to and from Kauai
  • Meals not noted
  • 4% credit card fee on payments
  • Travel insurance
  • Any items not noted as included

Kauai Calling Retreat:

Schedule a 'YES I AM CALLED' conversation to share your passions and visions in a short conversation with Justin or Alex so that you can see for yourself if Kauai Calling is the right retreat to reconnect you to yourself now.  


Space is very limited and we're interviewing very interested guests to create the perfect transformational travel experience.

Contact Justin Smith, CEO and your Retreat Curator:

+1 323 505 4415

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